Perimeter Institute is a leading centre for scientific research, training, and educational outreach in foundational theoretical physics. Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, its mission is to advance our understanding of the universe at the most fundamental level, stimulating the breakthroughs that could transform our future. Perimeter also trains the next generation of physicists through innovative programs, and shares the excitement and wonder of science with students, teachers and the general public.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Perimeter is committed to building an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment. We acknowledge that we all have a long way to go to reach these ideals – as an institute, and in physics more broadly. Through initiatives like the Simons Emmy Noether Fellows program, Inspiring Future Women in Science conference, and the volunteer-led Inclusive Perimeter Platform, we work toward change.

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Perimeter’s vision is to create the world’s foremost centre for foundational theoretical physics, uniting public and private partners, and the world’s best scientific minds, in a shared enterprise to achieve breakthroughs that will transform our future.

What we research

Physicists at Perimeter Institute push the boundaries of our understanding of the universe, from the quantum to the cosmos.

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Why Theoretical Physics?

Foundational theoretical physics is a cornerstone of modern science, on which so much else rests. It is perhaps the highest-impact, lowest-cost area of basic research. The field advances our fundamental understanding of the universe, with its powerful ideas seeding the technologies of tomorrow. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Perimeter Institute began as a bold idea to strategically invest in one of the most foundational fields in all of science. The vision was radical, yet simple: build an environment to help foster the breakthroughs that will transform our future, while sharing the power of physics with the world.

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Perimeter is supported through an innovative public-private partnership – which unites government, individuals, corporations, and foundations in a shared venture to enable scientific breakthroughs, nurture scientific talent, and share scientific discovery with the broader public.

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Perimeter’s research, training, and outreach activities operate out of a custom-built facility in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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Perimeter Institute is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from the private sector and academic community. The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), composed of eminent scientists drawn from the international community, assists the Board and Institute Director in ensuring objectivity and a high standard of scientific excellence.

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Find information on research, administrative, and volunteer positions.

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We believe breakthroughs are realized through a collision of intellect, imagination and inspiration.