Perimeter Institute Associates are Faculty members who are employed part-time at PI and provide a combination of proven research excellence, leadership and mentoring experience together with prodigious cutting-edge scientific activity. The Associate Faculty Program at Perimeter Institute is specifically designed to enable the institute to partner with similarly motivated research universities throughout Canada to jointly recruit international-calibre scientists to their faculties with an associated residence commitment at Perimeter. As such, it is necessary to ensure that any candidate is highly desired by and strongly fit the culture of both Perimeter Institute and the home university. As these joint positions will require the endorsement of both Perimeter Institute and the home university, staff from both institutions should be involved in the recruitment process from the onset. Often it is considered desirable to form a joint search committee. All Associates must be interviewed at Perimeter and go through the full Perimeter Institute Faculty recruitment process.  It is expected that the same applies for the partnering university. Perimeter Institute is flexible on the time sharing arrangement. Generally, the candidate spends 1, 2, 2.5 or 3 days per week at Perimeter. Please email any questions to: facultyrecruitment[at]perimeterinstitute[dot]ca

CURRENT Associate Faculty research positions ACCEPTING APPLICATONS:

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