School on table-top experiments for fundamental physics

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Conference Date: 
Monday, May 3, 2021 (All day) to Friday, May 7, 2021 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 
Particle Physics


Recently there has been a renewed interest in small scale high sensitivity experiments that look for new forces and new particles beyond the Standard Model. They promise to expand our understanding of the Cosmos and possibly explain mysteries such as Dark Matter in a way that is complementary to colliders and other large scale experiments. There is a number of different physics motivations and approaches currently being explored in many on-going and newly proposed experiments and they often share common experimental techniques.Many schools for PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers are dedicated either to theorists or experimentalists. We aim at bringing together graduate students and junior postdocs, both theorists and experimentalists, who are interested in proposing and realising new table-top experiments to test fundamental physics. The goal is to allow them to interact and learn from each other, forming a community.We design for each topic some theoretical lectures for experimentalists, and experimental lectures for theorists. The scope is to offer basic and relevant notions of each field to physicists with a different background, in order to fill some of the gaps of the respective academic curricula.

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Scientific Organizers:

  • Asimina Arvanitaki, Perimeter Institute
  • Giorgio Gratta, Stanford University
  • Junwu Huang, Perimeter Institute
  • Maxim Pospelov, University of Minnesota
  • Davide Racco, Perimeter Institute