Theory CANADA 2

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Conference Date: 
Wednesday, June 7, 2006 (All day) to Saturday, June 10, 2006 (All day)


Theory CANADA 2 is the second of a series of annual conferences organized by the Division of Theoretical Physics of the Canadian Association of Physicists. The conferences are planned to be held annually immediately preceding the CAP Congress, and will be held at the regional institute or center for theoretical physics that is appropriate. The host institute for this year's conference is Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics located in Waterloo, Ontario. Funding for the conference has been solicited from a pan-Canadian source of institutes of theoretical physics.


The motivation for such a conference is to enable researchers to get together and interact with their colleagues from across Canada as well as from across the spectrum of theoretical physics. Geographic separation and sheer distance are formidable barriers to collaborative research and to a fruitful exchange of ideas. Theory CANADA will bring together a large cross section of Canadian theoretical physicists who can report on their activities annually. We hope furthermore that the conference will provide a useful forum for discussion of the state of and the future of Canadian theoretical physics.


The Theory Canada II conference will have a proceedings and the resulting volume will be published by the Canadian Journal of Physics and edited by Tom Osborn. All speakers are urged to write up an account of their presentations. Below are the relevant details.


  1. Each 20 min talk is allotted a 6 page article while each 30 min talk is allotted a 9 page article.
  2. The standard Canadian Journal of Physics publication rules apply: each article will require 2 referees (which the editor will find). (NB: The content need not be totally original. It is possible for the articles to summarize prior published results.)
  3. The preferred format for the papers is latex which utilizes the NRC style file nrc1.sty. The page counts above are based on this format. The submitted manuscript should be a pdf file.
  4. The deadline for the submission is set for August 31, 2006.


The papers may be submitted in one of two ways. E-mail your paper to [email protected] or submit it via the Canadian Journal of Physics website here. CJP website submissions should choose the topic area "Mathematical and Quantum Physics" and enter a modified version of the title with the phrase Theory Canada II at the end.