EinsteinPlus History

As part of its mandate to develop a rich and dynamic physics outreach program, in 2004, PI launched the EinsteinPlus workshop for teachers. The EinsteinPlus program was created by the Outreach staff and physicists at Perimeter Institute in conjunction with local and regional professional educators.

Recognizing that modern physics is the richest, most fascinating and thought-provoking part of a high school student's exposure to the wonders and mysteries of our universe, the program aims to enhance teachers' personal interest, understanding and enthusiasm for modern physics and equip them with new, accessible and useable in-class tools and strategies for teaching this field of endeavor. Participants leave with information and materials to share with other educators at home for the benefit of the wider teaching community and all students.


What past participants say about EinsteinPlus

“The EinsteinPlus workshop was one of the most valuable workshops I have ever attended. I learned an incredible amount about the quantum world and was able to make connections with teachers across the globe.”

Patrick Kossmann

Greenall School

Balgonie, Saskatchewan

“Spending a week around first class scientists, interesting people and stimulating new idea was a dream come true! It charged me up for the classroom with new facts and the latest in physics research. I will go back any time.” 

Aurelia Jacob

Eric Hamber Secondary High School

Vancouver, British Columbia

"It was great to feel like a student again! … EinsteinPlus boosted my confidence so that I can safely delve deeply into the modern physics arena and bring my fascinated students along for the ride! It was truly a professional development opportunity that has enhanced my teaching career, and continues to help inspire my physics students year after year." 

Sheldon Valeda

Bluevale Collegiate

Kitchener, Ontario