Frequently Asked Questions

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What is EinsteinPlus?

EinsteinPlus is a week-long intensive workshop for high school teachers on the wonders of modern physics. It includes innovative teaching strategies for all areas of physics; modern or otherwise. You will not only learn how to make physics more accessible to your students, you will be equipped with information and materials to share with other educators at home for the benefit of all. The workshop welcomes motivated and passionate teachers who are willing to conduct their own follow-up workshops at home. During the workshop, you will:

  • Discuss resource ideas and topics relevant to your curricula.
  • Learn about research driven teaching techniques applicable to all of your classes.
  • Take home classroom-tested resources on modern physics created by Perimeter Institute’s team of researchers, Outreach staff and teachers.
  • Hear world-class experts at the forefront of human knowledge share the latest developments in theoretical physics.
  • Enjoy lab tours and social events with like-minded teachers from across Canada and around the world.
  • Get motivated and inspired in new ways to share the joys and mysteries of modern physics with others!

What are the dates for EinsteinPlus 2012?

EinsteinPlus 2012 will take place from Sunday, July 8 - Saturday, July 14, 2012. Note specific dates, as follows:

  • International participants may arrive in Waterloo one day prior to the first day of the workshop to ensure they are rested.
  • All participants must be present for the first day of the workshop, starting Sunday, July 8.
  • Participants will depart at noon on the last day of the workshop.

What topics will be covered?

EinsteinPlus covers many key areas of modern physics and demonstrates how rich connections can be made to diverse curricula through the study of black holes, GPS and relativity, quantum physics, dark matter, and particle physics.

You will also be exposed to a number of the hottest topics at the forefront of research in theoretical physics. Some of these areas will be explained by world-class researchers via a series of presentations on selected areas from Perimeter Institute’s fields of expertise: quantum computing, quantum teleportation, entanglement, quantum gravity, cosmology, particle physics, foundations of quantum mechanics and superstring theory.

Aside from the in-depth content and materials you will be provided, EinsteinPlus will also equip you with short, inspirational lessons that can introduce and share the joys of modern physics with high school students of any age.

How will content be presented?

The format for the workshop is:


Presentations on the conceptual foundations of modern physics and related pedagogical issues, and keynote presentations by PI researchers.


Workshops and discussions on modern physics, and lab tours.


Social activities and further discussions.

The workshop will be conducted in English; applicants are expected to be fluent at speaking and writing in this language.

What is the resource sharing session?

All participants will be asked to bring a single, short teaching resource that has been successfully used in their physics classroom. Teachers will have the opportunity to speak briefly (2 – 3 minutes) about their resource and, afterwards, all resources will be copied to CD for each participant to take home in addition to the resources you will receive from Perimeter Institute. Examples of past resources have included: interesting demonstrations, applets, experiments, a game, novel analogies/models, a video clip, or a song. These materials should be non-copyrighted and suitable for classroom use.

How much does it cost?

Perimeter Institute will cover all necessary costs for each teacher within Canada. This includes transportation within Canada, accommodation for the duration of the program and all meals and activities, with the exception of one meal during an optional sightseeing excursion. Participants must arrange in advance for any diet requirements or special needs. 

Teachers residing outside of Canada must pay for airfare from their home country to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport (YYZ), PI will arrange ground transportation from the airport to Perimeter Institute. In addition, international teachers must provide for their own health insurance during EinsteinPlus. 

Accommodation is provided in single-occupancy rooms with semi-private bathrooms at the Laurier Summer Residence on the nearby Wilfrid Laurier University campus. All teachers participating in the program will stay in residence together for the week. Meals during the week will be enjoyed in Perimeter Institute’s Black Hole Bistro.

How can I apply?

Applications to the workshop will be available beginning December 9, 2011 at Teachers must submit their application, a letter of interest, and letter(s) of recommendation by May 2, 2012.