Explore new and changing ideas about our universe alongside leading physicists. Perimeter Institute shares ideas with students, teachers, and like-minded people through programs and resources that communicate the power, joy, and mystery of science. Perimeter’s award-winning Outreach team brings science to life and raises scientific literacy through classroom resources, public lectures, teacher workshops, an educator network, and a summer school where students interact with Perimeter researchers. People around the globe learn and are inspired by live interactions with researchers and online theoretical physics resources. Perimeter also hosts world-class musical and cultural events, believing that creativity inspires new possibilities.


Perimeter researchers never stopped playing or asking questions. They know science is not a series of facts, but an ever-changing way of understanding our universe. Perimeter offers a range of free programs, contests, and resources designed to give students an unparalleled opportunity to learn, wonder, and ask questions of leading researchers. Together we can develop new ways of understanding reality. 

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Science is both a powerful way to investigate the mysteries of our universe, and an exciting process of building models to describe our world – models that change as new discoveries are made. Perimeter's Outreach team is passionate about supporting science teachers so that together we can raise scientific literacy. Our support comes through classroom kits developed by Perimeter researchers and experienced teachers; professional development opportunities of workshops and special events; a national teacher network; online multimedia and in-person resources for students and teachers; and contests that provide opportunities for students to extend their knowledge of physics.

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Albert Einstein once said, "The important thing is not to stop questioning." A vital part of the mission of the Perimeter Institute is to respond to and feed this natural human curiosity about the nature of our universe. Perimeter’s Outreach department is committed to sharing the power, joy, and mystery of science with everyone. We aim to make theoretical physics and science research accessible and understandable to a general audience. Our public lecture series continues to be extraordinarily popular. We also offer inspiring interactive scientific, musical, and cultural events as well as online resources.

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Event Horizons is a series of unique and extraordinary events that aim to stimulate and enthral. It is a showcase of innovative work of the highest international standard, an emotional, intellectual, and creative experience. And perhaps most importantly, it is a social space, where ideas collide and curious minds meet.

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Mathematics underpins science, technology, and modern society – from cell phones to computers to satellites. Perimeter Institute has recognized this power in launching a Global Outreach effort to promote the emergence of scientific talent in the developing world.

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BrainSTEM was a special Perimeter Outreach initiative supported by the Federal Government to highlight the role of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in enabling youth to shape a vibrant future.

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"Physics is best communicated in person."

- Stephen Hawking

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