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Pushing The Perimeter showcases international calibre artists exploring the boundaries of music, media art, and performance. Featuring inventive thought leaders employing both audio and visual technologies, these cutting-edge performances invite us to examine our understanding of art at a foundational level. Events are imbued with a spirit of vitality, providing a stimulating environment of new ideas and thoughtful interactions. This season, Perimeter is proud to partner with Inter Arts Matrix, NUMUS, and Open Ears Festival to bring you three concerts.

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All Pushing The Perimeter concerts are General Seating in the Mike Lazaradis Theatre of Ideas at Perimeter Institute.

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Open Ears Festival of Music & Sound, QuartetFest and Perimeter Institute present


Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 8:00 pm (changed from Saturday, May 28, 2016) 

From Tesla to T-sticks, this concert draws its thrills from the electric ether in these remarkable new and older works for chamber ensemble. 2014 Giller Prize author Sean Michaels will be present to read from his brilliant historical novel ‘Us Conductors’ setting the scene for the 1928 beginnings of the theremin – the world’s first motion sensor music instrument. The program begins with Maritnu’s seminal work for theremin and chamber ensemble (1944) and extends to a new work for karlax – a new motion sensor instrument designed and performed by D Andrew Stewart. Since her debut with the Berlin Philharmonic, Carolina Eyck has established herself internationally as the foremost theremin virtuoso. Her stunning technique will be featured in several works including a new work by Omar Daniel.

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Pre-concert Chat:
Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas

Join author Sean Michaels (‘Us Conductors’) and theremin virtuoso Carolina Eyck as they discuss the power of the theremin and the special place it occupies in the imagination.

Music Times Interview - Jeremy Bell and Sean Michaels |


Penderecki String Quartet
Carolina Eyck, theremin
James Mason, oboe
Gregory Oh, piano
D. Andrew Stewart, karlax
Ian Whitman, bass
Omar Daniel, tesla electronics
Sean Michaels, author


Sean Michaels ‘Us Conductors’ novel (2014) excerpts
Borhuslav Martinu Fantasia for theremin, piano, oboe and string quartet 
D. Andrew Stewart New work for T-stick and string quartet 
Omar Daniel New work for theremin, tesla coil, organ, and string quartet (2016 Premiere)
Jan Bilk ‘stigma integrum’ for theremin and string quintet (2009)

Inter Arts Matrix and Perimeter Institute present

Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Objects on a Table has been conceived as a homage to Italian minimalist painter Giorgio Morandi, and draws on the humble attention he paid to everyday objects. In his drawings and etchings Morandi used a restricted set of drawing gestures, and these gestures, interpreted by a bass clarinet and percussion, constitute the "voice" of the Euphonopen, an instrument created for the live performance of drawing. The gestures of the drawing performer transform the memorialized sound of Morandi's way of drawing, while the clarinet and the percussion give voice to each object as it is being drawn.


Richard Andrew Burrows
Kathryn Ladano
Isabella Stefanescu


Richard Andrew Burrows and Kathryn Ladano
     Stealth (2015) – free improvisation

Klaus Engel, Isabella Stefanescu, Kathryn Ladano with Richard Andrew Burrows
     Objects on a Table (2014) – structured improvisation


NUMUS and Perimeter Institute present

Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Disco-next delights in the disconnects of pure disco and its constructive/deconstructive present. This concert celebrates the social freedoms liberated in the disco movement and explores the ironic and apotheocized settings of disco in contemporary classical works. Toronto-based Nudisco producer DJ Cyclist has brought his brand of boogie funk to the global stage and is featured here with his passion for analog synths and digging for records. Using modern production techniques with live guitar and bass makes Cyclist's music obsessively disco-discerning. Next after disco? Well proto-house and electro rose from the ashes, but next on the floor is Cyclist, Adams, Hatzis, and Peter Hatch ...

Read "Music Times" Article - The Disco Thinker |


Penderecki String Quartet
Perimeter Chamber Players
Eric Paetkau, conductor
Glenn Buhr, piano
DJ Cyclist


DJ Cyclist Nudisco Improv
Christos Hatzis  ‘Arabesque’ For Violin, Piano and String Orchestra (2009)
Peter Hatch & DJ Cyclist  New Work For DJ and Strings (2015 Premiere)
John Adams   ‘Alleged Dances’ for String Quartet (1994)


These cultural and bistro events are ancillary activities made possible through paid ticketing, private donors and sponsorships.

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