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Children born in 2013 graduate high school in 2030. We need to invest now in their future.

A School for the 21st Century

The children born in 2013 are the high school graduates of 2030. This cohort of learners will exit education into a world very different from the one they were born into. How will we ensure their schooling sets them on a path that will allow them to thrive?

One thing is certain: they will need to solve some of the most pernicious global challenges of our time – ranging from climate change to water and resource shortages and rapid population growth.

It is clear that, given the wide range of global issues we face, the continued development and support of emerging talent with a broad range of problem-solving skills is vital to our ongoing progress.

How do we advance innovative ways to unlock the potential of the next generation and empower their creativity?

How can we better instill critical thinking skills at a young age?

What are the most promising learning models, communities, technologies, and emerging resources around the world?

Join Equnox Summit: Learning 2030 onsite and online from September 29 to October 3  as we explore the best path forward and begin our work toward building A School for the 21st Century. 

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About WGSI

Founded in 2009, Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) is a non-profit partnership between Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the University of Waterloo, a pairing that has previously resulted in the distinguished Perimeter Scholars International program and the University of Waterloo’s pioneering Institute for Quantum Computing. The mandate of WGSI is to  promote dialogue around complex global issues and to catalyze the long-range thinking necessary to advance ideas, opportunities and strategies for a secure and sustainable future through the Equinox Summit Series, Equinox Blueprints and Impact Activities.

Science: Vital to Progress

Scientific discoveries have been the greatest single factor leading to health, prosperity and the advancement of our civilization. To unlock new opportunities and successfully navigate the future, we need new breakthroughs in our understanding to solve real-world problems. Science, technology and their wise application are likely to be critical factors determining our future into the next century.

Equinox Summit Series

Every two years, WGSI presents a highly focused international conference – an Equinox Summit – to facilitate constructive engagement between a host of multidisciplinary experts and young leaders while engaging the public via lectures, plenaries and online presentations. Each Equinox Summit presents a series of ‘exemplar pathways’ – encompassing social, economic and policy considerations – aimed at informing, advising and inspiring science and technology influencers, industry leaders and governments globally.