If you are excited about science and outreach and have time to assist us in mounting the BrainSTEM Festival, we welcome your help.  As most of the events are free and Perimeter is a not-for-profit organization, we rely on volunteers to help make our events successful. We look forward to having you on the Volunteer Team.  

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The BrainSTEM Festival will require a large number of volunteers to help with line control, exhibit guides, ticketing, building tours, and more. Below is the list of volunteer positions available:

Line Control

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that festival attendees are directed into the right line-up outside
  • Ensuring that festival attendees have their tickets
  • Ensuring groups are in the correct lines 

Ticketing Assistant

Responsibilities include:

  • Scanning tickets for entry
  • Explaining the process of the exhibits
  • Ensuring that groups are organized in the correct lines for the correct time slots

Exhibit Guide

Responsibilities include:

  • Scanning tickets for entry
  • Answering general questions
  • Keeping groups moving through the exhibit
  • Traffic control of festival attendees

Building Tour - Floor Leader

Responsibilities Include:

  • Ensuring that all volunteers on your floor are in the required place
  • Answering questions for your group of volunteers

Building Tour - Attendants

Responsibilities Include:

  • Ensuring that all areas that are roped off from the general public in your assigned area remain as such
  • Ensuring that all doors that are to be propped open for the tour on your assigned area remain as such
  • Reporting any problems that may occur including vandalism, accidents and security issues to your Floor Leader
  • Monitor and correct traffic flow withing your assigned area to avoid congestion


  • Responsibilities will vary

Tear Down and Clean-up (outside/inside)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Helping with the clean-up at the end of the Festival
  • NOTE:  This position may require some heavy lifting

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