Exhibit and Tours

The BrainSTEM: Your Future is Now Festival welcomed scientific explorers of all ages to Perimeter Institute through the first week of October, 2013

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Celebrating the award-winning architecture of Perimeter, the exhibits were showcased on the main floor of the Institute.  Visitors were simultaneously captivated by the building and the interactive displays.

exhibits include:

Personal Interactive Robot

A life-sized humanoid robot that interacts with humans through speech, expression, posture, and colour. Program RoboThespian to follow your instructions! | more |

Mind Control Technology

Based on electroencephalography (EEG), these special headsets allow you to control electronics using only your thoughts. | more |

Harnessing the Sun

Check out the special paint that uses “quantum dots” to provide energy that may someday power your home and life. | more |

Invisibility Cloaking

See (or don't see) how researchers are learning to manipulate light to make objects, and even people, vanish. | more |

Wireless Electricity

Experience electricity travelling through thin air in a futuristic living room free of cords and wires. | more |

Quantum Information

Try out a hands-on demonstration of emerging technologies that will drive the coming quantum revolution. | more |

Battling Tetris

Use the latest gesture-sensing technology to challenge your friends to a life-size game of Tetris. | more |

Citizen Science

Participate in the scientific process by taking part in crowdsourced experiments. | more |

TVO's hurricane maker

Hurricanes are an amazing natural phenomenon.  From a slight disturbance to category 5, learn how hurricanes are formed by making your own using the latest gesture technology. | more |

Motion Amplification

Watch motions that would otherwise be imperceptibly small thanks to this innovative form of video enhancement. | more |

Black Holes - Cosmic Enigmas

Experience gravitational waves and black holes and learn about their connection to cutting-edge research at Perimeter Institute.     | more |  

TVO's Flypack

A behind-the-scenes look at TVO’s mobile broadcast command centre. | more |



Parents can learn more about TVO’s programming for children, and kids aged 4-11 can enter the “I Wonder…Why?” video contest.  | more |

special weekend building tours

As part of the weekend exhibit ticket, Perimeter opened its doors for self-guided tours of its 120,000 square foot facility, including the Stephen Hawking Centre.  Visitors viewed researcher interaction areas, formal presentation spaces and had a behind-the-scenes peek at the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that supports scientific visualization, the analysis of complex calculations, and real-time collaborations with colleagues around the world.  

Thank you for joining us for this rare opportunity to see Perimeter's award-winning and celebrated building.