Global Outreach

Mathematics underpins science, technology, and modern society – from cell phones to computers to satellites. Perimeter Institute has recognized this power, in launching a Global Outreach effort to promote the emergence of scientific talent in the developing world.

Through its Global Outreach efforts, Perimeter aims to serve as a stimulus for theoretical physics globally and, in the process, further enhance Canada’s leadership in the promotion of science and innovation worldwide. Global Outreach at Perimeter aims to:

  1. Accelerate the emergence of centres of excellence in math and physics around the world by exporting Perimeter’s expertise in building impactful research and training institutes;
  2. Assist in unlocking the vast untapped pool of scientific talent in the developing world – talent that is vitally needed to build science and technology capacity within developing nations;
  3. Strengthen the flow of brilliant young people from around the world into scientific research, bringing important new energy and creativity into the field;
  4. Create a two-way flow of exceptional young researchers into Canada for training and research and back to their home countries with widely applicable skills;
  5. Build strong relationships with emerging centres in developing nations through Perimeter researchers with particular interests and connections to those countries;
  6. Extend the reach of Perimeter’s award-winning outreach program by sharing advice with emerging centres on the development of their own outreach programs, specifically suited to students, teachers, and the general public in their country.


Perimeter Institute's Global Outreach initiative acts to catalyze the growth of scientific centres of excellence around the world by sharing Perimeter’s expertise, in particular to accelerate the emergence of math and physics centres across the developing world. The current focus of Global Outreach efforts is the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences‐Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS‐NEI), a pan‐African initiative to establish a network of centres providing advanced mathematical and scientific education to exceptional African graduates. AIMS was founded in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2003 by Perimeter Director Neil Turok, and is now a globally recognized centre of excellence for postgraduate education and research. Since the establishment of AIMS-South Africa, 360 students, one-third of them women, from 32 African countries have graduated. Their track record is outstanding, with over 95% continuing to Masters or PhD degrees and the vast majority remaining in Africa to apply their skills in African universities, research centres, government, NGOs, and industry. AIMS-NEI stems from Neil Turok’s TED Prize wish that "the next Einstein be from Africa" and is a strategic plan to build on the success of the first AIMS centre and create a coordinated pan-African network of 15 AIMS centres by 2021, producing 750 well-qualified graduates per year


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