Inspiring Future Women In Science - 2015

 Perimeter Institute invited female high school students to participate in an inspirational half day conference on Friday March 6, 2015.  The goal was to bring together like minded young women with a strong interest in science and expose them to the rewards, challenges and possibilities of a career in science. Please check back in late January for more information surrounding the 2016 event. 


Rima Brek - Rima is a Ubisoft veteran of 16 years and a founding team member of the Toronto studio. There, she was responsible for kick-starting the technology team and helping ship the critically-acclaimed Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist. She is a sought-after advisor whose guidance and leadership have directly helped Ubisoft Toronto grow to over 300 game developers in just five years.

Before joining Ubisoft Toronto, Rima started her career in the game industry at Ubisoft Montreal as the first female programmer to join the studio. Before joining Ubisoft Toronto, Rima started her career in the game industry at Ubisoft Montreal as the first female programmer to join the studio. As Lead Programmer on Rainbow Six Black Arrow and Open Season, Rima focused her efforts on managing and building strong core teams.

Rima volunteers her time helping  to educate new graduates looking to break into the games industry. Rima is a member of the organizing committee for Level Up, the annual student game development competition for Ontario graduates. Previously, she participated in Career Panels at numerous Universities and was also a member of the MIGS 2008 Advisory Committee. 

Dianna Cowern - Dianna is a science communicator and educator. She received her degree in physics from MIT and completed a post-baccalaureate fellowship in astrophysics at Harvard. She then worked on mobile applications as a software engineer at General Electric before beginning a position at the University of California, San Diego as a physics outreach coordinator. She is the primary content creator for her educational YouTube channel, Physics Girl.     

Roslyn Bern - As president of the Leacross Foundation, Roslyn Bern has been creating opportunities for women and girls throughout Canada. She has worked on initiatives for over 20 years, as an educator, a business woman, and as a philanthropist. She has focused on developing scholarships and bursaries for girls in under-represented career fields. She has been instrumental on sending teenage girls to the Arctic and Antarctic with Students on Ice, and created a partnership with colleges and corporations to certify STEM women in Electrical engineering. At every opportunity where a girl or woman can be educated, Roslyn develops a program that allows them to succeed, from setting up well paid internships at the Ottawa Heart Institute in Biomedical Engineering, providing IT classes to young mothers who had to leave school to raise their children, or coordinating schools with creative authors and illustrators.   She has assisted with Habitat for Humanity NCR, coordinating youth construction with retrofitted homes, and served on the Family Selection Committee for 5 years. She had been a board member for Canadian Women's Foundation for 6 years, and currently serves on their Economic Development Committee to move women out of poverty.  

“Women are intimately entwined with life. We have a unique and special relationship through our ability to nurture other human beings”  

- Dr. Jennifer James. 

Panel discussion

Following the keynote address, students were given an opportunity to engage in a panel discussion with women that are currently involved in careers using science.     The panel discussed why they chose to pursue a career in science, the challenges they have faced, and the rewards of their chosen careers.     

Speed Mentoring

Attendees had an opportunity to engage in discussion with women in STEM careers in small groups.      

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