Frontier Physics - Adventures at the Edge

The universe is profoundly mysterious. Despite how much we know, physicists still don’t have complete answers to the most basic questions about our universe. Did it have a beginning? What is it made of? How does it work? The questions being probed today are astonishingly deep. Join Perimeter Institute researchers and visiting scientists as they tell their stories of adventures at the edge of understanding.

Cliff Burgess - Cosmology: What is the Universe Made Of? The Case for Dark Matter and Dark Energy [ISSYP 2012]


Philip Schuster and Natalia Toro - General: Life as a Physicist [ISSYP 2012]


Rob Spekkens - Quantum Foundations: Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics [ISSYP 2012]


Natalia Toro - Particle Physics: From the Higgs to the Heavens: Physics of the Large Hadron Collider [ISSYP 2012]


Pedro Vieria - String Theory: String Theory and Holography [ISSYP 2012]


Jaume Gomis - String Theory: What is String Theory? [ISSYP 2011]


Ashwin Nayak - Quantum Cryptography: Quantum Cryptography [ISSYP 2011]


Lee Smolin - Cosmology: Informal Chalk and Talk [ISSYP 2011]


Louis Leblond - Cosmology: From the Biggest Things to the Biggest Bang [ISSYP 2010]


Rob Myers - String Theory: Adventures in Superstrings [ISSYP 2010]


Lee Smolin - Quantum Gravity: Lee Smolin on Quantum Gravity [ISSYP 2010]


Daniel Gottesman - Quantum Cryptography: Quantum Cryptography [ISSYP 2009] 

Lee Smolin - Quantum Gravity: Informal Chalk Talk [ISSYP 2009]

Mark Wyman - Cosmology: What's Blowing up the Universe? [ISSYP 2009]


Robin Blume-Kohout -  Quantum Information: Quantum Information [ISSYP 2008]


Freddy Cachazo - Superstring Theory: From Symmetries to String Theory [ISSYP 2008]


Amanda Peet - String Theory: String Theory: Unity in Diversity [ISSYP 2008]

Simone Speziale - Quantum Gravity: Physics of the 20th Century: The Incomplete Revolution [ISSYP 2008]


Jos Uffink - Quantum Foundations: Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle [ISSYP 2008]

Jonathan Walgate - Quantum Information: Quantum Information and Entanglement [ISSYP 2008]

Daniel Gottesman - Quantum Information: The Quantum Information Age [ISSYP 2007] 


Lee Smolin - Quantum Gravity: Dark Matter with Lee Smolin [ISSYP 2006]