Modern Physics - General Relativity

About 10 years after publishing his special theory of relativity, Einstein released a paper that took the concept of gravity and described it in a way that changed the world of physics forever. Join us as we examine this theory and its significance by introducing you to the most incredible consequence of general relativity, an object known as a black hole.


The general relativity lectures have been divided into six modules, each with a title and a brief description of their content. It is recommended that these be viewed in the order presented, as each module builds on concepts introduced in previous modules. | modules |

About the Lecturer

Michael Burns, an astronomer out of Berkeley, California, specializing in CCD camera work for the early detection of supernovae, has taken roots in Waterloo, Ontario as an astronomy and physics teacher at Waterloo Collegiate Institute. His past experience in the satellite and telecommunications industry and his passion for education got him involved with Perimeter Institute’s ISSYP program and the Black Hole Lecture Series. As a two-time past president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for Kitchener–Waterloo, Michael has given many public lectures on a variety of astronomical topics and has written papers for the Pulsar Journal on topics ranging from inflation theory to dark matter. His private observatory incorporates some of the latest software and telescopic equipment for recording and enhancing videos of solar system objects, thus allowing his students to explore the wonders of science and experience research with real time data.