Modern Physics - Special Relativity

Fast is different. You might have heard that "a moving clock runs slowly" and "a moving object occupies less space." What, exactly, does this mean, and how did Einstein discover these amazing properties of space and time? Join us on an adventure into Einstein's universe and find out why these strange-sounding properties are actually perfectly natural and easy to understand.


The special relativity lectures have been divided into 14 modules, each with a title and a brief description of its content. It is recommended that these be viewed in the order listed, as each module builds on concepts introduced in previous modules. | modules |

About the Lecturer

Richard Epp has a Masters degree in electrical engineering and a PhD degree in theoretical physics from the University of Manitoba, Canada, and has held postdoctoral research positions around the world working in general relativity (einstein's theory of space, time, and gravity). With both an engineering and a theoretical physics background, Dr. Epp is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the entire spectrum of physics, from curiosity-driven research in quantum gravity to the applied physics of how a cell phone works. He has extensive outreach experience, having developed many of PI's outreach initiatives - including the ISSYP - and immensely enjoys introducing people of all ages to the mysteries and wonders of our amazing universe.