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Science is a powerful way of investigating the mysteries of our universe, and an exciting process of building models to describe our world – models that change as new discoveries are made. Perimeter’s Outreach team is passionate about supporting science teachers so that, together, we can raise scientific literacy. Perimeter Outreach offers classroom kits developed by PI researchers and experienced teachers; professional development opportunities; a national  teacher network; online multimedia and in-person resources for students and teachers; and contests that provide opportunities for students to extend their knowledge of physics.

Online Professional Development Sessions

Our professional development workshops for STEM educators are continually being scheduled. Sign up for email updates to receive notification when new sessions are open for registration.

Upcoming Workshops:

The Expanding Universe - Wed. February 3 @ 4 pm ET - FULL

Past Workshops:

Process of Science: Using Black Boxes at Home - Tues. April 21 @ 4 pm ET - FULL
Multiple Representations of Energy (morning session) - Thurs. April 23 @ 11 am ET - FULL
Multiple Representations of Energy (evening session) - Thurs. April 23 @ 7 pm ET - FULL
The Amount of Waste (morning session) - Tues. April 28 @ 11 am ET - FULL
The Amount of Waste (evening session) - Tues. April 28 @ 7 pm ET - FULL
Stars & Stellar Evolution - Thurs. April 30 @ 11 am ET - FULL
The Mystery of Dark Matter - Tues. May 5 @ 4 pm ET - FULL
Mission Possible: Percentages, Decimals and Fractions - Thurs. May 7 @ 4 pm ET - FULL
Nuclear Fusion – Thurs. May 14th @ 4:00pm ET - FULL
Going in Circles with GPS – Tues. May 19th @ 4 pm ET - FULL
What’s New in Physics? – Thurs. May 21st @ 11 am ET - FULL
Curved Spacetime & General Relativity – Tues. May 26th @ 11 am ET - FULL
Wave-Particle Duality: The Heart of Quantum Physics – Thurs. May 28th @ 4 pm ET – FULL
Why is it Like That? - Tues. June 2 @ 11 am ET - FULL
Multiple Representations of Energy - Tues. June 9 @ 4 pm ET - FULL
Temperature, Climate & Data Management - Tues. June 16 @ 4 pm ET - FULL
CHIME Telescope - Tues. June 23 @ 11 am ET – FULL
Fields are Real: Introducing Magnetic, Electric, and Gravitational Fields - Tues. November 3 @ pm ET – FULL
Pedagogical Tools for Teaching Science - Thurs. November 19 @ 4pm ET – FULL
Black Holes Breakout Box (Online) - Mon. December 7 @ 7pm ET – FULL
Black Holes - Wed. January 27 @ 7 pm ET - FULL


Perimeter Institute is fulfilling the needs of teachers with a combination of special programs and resources created specifically for them. These programs and resources combine cutting-edge research with pedagogical techniques, and provide an opportunity for teachers to interact with top scientists from Perimeter. 

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Educational Resources

This series of educational resources is designed to help teachers explain a range of important physics topics. These resources are the product of extensive collaboration between international researchers, Perimeter Institute’s Outreach staff, and experienced teachers. Each resource has been designed with both the expert and novice teacher in mind and has been thoroughly tested in classrooms.

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Perimeter Institute has created multimedia resources that are available to be used online. Videos, animation, video games, and powerpoints are used to convey and learn about the power of physics.

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Perimeter Institute provides unique learning opportunites, workshops, and programs for teachers.

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