Perimeter Partners with Media League

We are pleased to announce that Perimeter Institute and Youth Science Canada have partnered with The Media League to develop and promote Imagine Science, a media game that will run during The Media League’s inaugural 2012-13 season.

The Media League is the world’s first competitive creativity league for high schools. Its inaugural season kicks off in January 2013.

We invite every high school to field a Media Team in The Media League and to play the Imagine Science Media League game. The gameplay consists of making media (videos, music, images, photos, poems and more) that explore the intersection of art and science, of imagination and observation, of mystery and research. And the players are the students themselves. Note that participation in The Media League is 100% free.

The Media League regular season will have 6 games, each exploring a different theme in partnership with different organizations. The Imagine Science game is designed to foster creative collaborations between passionate aspiring scientists and passionate aspiring artists in each school and to create a wealth of high-quality media addressing and exploring the meaning of science for youth today.

The more schools that play the Imagine Science game, the more high-quality science-centric media will be produced by and for teens. Please let your friends, colleagues, kids and/or classmates know about The Media League so that they can join us in playing the Imagine Science game.

There are currently over 50 high schools registered to play, including schools from Texas to Whitehorse and from Hawaii to Nova Scotia. Is your school in the mix?

To be a Player in The Media League, or to receive the Media League Coach’s Manual – or simply to find out more about The Media League – please visit