C&O 639: Quantum Error Correction

Instructor: Daniel Gottesman ([email protected], 569-7600x427)
Location: MC 4039, University of Waterloo
Time: TTh 10-11:20
Term: Winter 2004
Office Hours: None, but e-mail me to set up a time to talk with me at the Perimeter Institute (35 King Street N)
Course web page: http://perimeterinstitute.ca/people/researchers/dgottesman/CO639-2004

The course is now complete, and lecture notes for roughly the first two-thirds of the course are available below (covering the basics of quantum error correction and fault-tolerance, but omitting the last part of the course on miscellaneous advanced topics).

Problem Sets

Solution Sets

Scribe Notes

Supplementary Materials

Syllabus (tentative)


Problem sets will be assigned once every two weeks.

The final project should involve reading two or three research papers on additional topics beyond those covered in the course, and writing up a digested version of them, ideally with a small extension of the results.

One student each lecture will be assigned to take notes and write them up in TeX for distribution to the rest of the class. When you complete the notes (which should be within 2 weeks after the lecture), give the TeX source to me and I will edit it and post the notes on the class web page.