The Return

The Return is an exploration-focused game using the D&D 5th edition rules. It is designed for players to come and go from session to session depending on their schedules.

1300 years ago, with the Magewars ravaging the world, a group of refugees turned to magic of their own to survive. They opened a portal to a demiplane called Haven and shut the portal behind them, isolating themselves from the chaos and danger of the world. 25 years ago, the artifacts sustaining the demiplane had begun to fail, and the people of Haven reopened the portal to return to the land they had left behind so long ago. With great heroism and great hardship, they managed to carve out a nation for themselves in the wilderness.

That nation, known as Rebirth, is now ready to further explore the harsh world surrounding them. The player characters are prospective adventurers who can earn their adventurer's license and with it, permission to pass the borders of Rebirth into the world outside.

Ground Rules

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