John (Tom) Giblin’s Webpage


I am a theoretical cosmologist.

I am a new faculty member at Kenyon College and a postdoctoral fellow at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.  

This webpage is still a work in progress


Why do you find Yourself Here?

From top to bottom: conformal diagram for bubbles colliding in eternal inflation, me and the Burgermeister, a lobster

Cosmology Links/Current Projects

  1. Bubble Collisions

Physics Links

  1. Kenyon College (Kenyon Physics)

  2. Perimeter Institute (my page at PI)

  3. Some of my papers on Spires


  1. Diana Battefeld (Helsinki)

  2. Thorsten Battefeld (Princeton)

  3. Claudia de Rham (PI)

  4. Richard Easther (Yale)

  5. Justin Khoury (Penn)

  6. Eugene Lim (Columbia/ISCAP)

  7. Lam Hui (Columbia/ISCAP)

  8. Larry Price (Milwaukee)

  9. Xavier Siemens (Milwaukee)

  10. Andrew Tolley (PI)

Personal Links

  1. My CV

  2. Email me

More Links Coming Soon!