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Notes on Quantum State Estimation

Blackboard photos from Benasque informal session on 6/16/05

Please Note:  All bad photography is entirely my fault.  The "titles" of the photos are also entirely my fault, and the creators of the blackboard configurations shown should not be held responsible or accountable for how I've chosen to title their presentations.  However, I'm very open to suggestions if you (the author) would like me to change it! 

Robin B-K

Robin Blume-Kohout:
Four questions (1), and (2)

Ramon Muñoz-Tapia:
State estimation on qubits

Paolo Perinotti:
Quantum phase estimation, and State estimation with informationally overcomplete POVMs

Olivier Pfister:
Experimental optical phase measurement beyond the shot noise limit

Károly Holizer:
A magnetic force microscopy experiment (1), and (2)

Alex Monras:
Gaussian state phase estimation -- to be adaptive or not?