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Robin Blume-Kohout


My Ph.D. dissertation in physics at UC-Berkeley is titled "Decoherence and Beyond".

Fuzzy Chaos: Quantum Particles and Classical Distributions is an informal paper (36 pages) which I wrote for a classical mechanics/electrodynamics course in 1999. Briefly stated, it's mostly a survey of semiclassical methods for connecting classical and quantum mechanics (wavepackets, Wigner distributions), with a bit on recent developments in continuous measurement theory.

Blackboard Photos from an informal session on quantum state estimation in Benasque, Spain (6/16/2005).


Swim Workouts for the Los Alamos Triatomics, written from fall 2003 to spring 2004. Posted here with absolutely no guarantee of anything whatsoever. If you have any legal questions whatsoever, assume that these workouts will make you slow, cause you damage, and possibly reduce your virility. I strongly recommend that you do not even look at them. :)


Summer 2005 edition of "The Blume-Kohouts" newsletter.