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linalg Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_option< T >A variable in your program, controlled by a command line option
_optionbaseAbstract base class from which all _option<T> objects inherit
AccumulatorClass to compute simple statistics of a stream of (currently real) numbers
datablock< T >A datablock<T> is a block of memory, formatted to hold an array of T, with reference counting
dataview_interface< T >The abstract base class for all data views. PARTIAL DOCUMENTATION!
DenseMatrix< T >A linear algebraic matrix, without any assumptions of sparseness or symmetry
DenseVector< T >A linear algebraic vector, without any assumptions of sparseness or symmetry
FlexibleTable< T >FlexibleTable<T> is intended for reading a table of columnar data from a file
HistogramClass to hold and compute histograms over the real numbers
intervalA class to define index-sets, specifically for subvectors and submatrices
linalg_traits< T >Helper class defining relationships between numerical types; e.g. of what type is norm(T)?
Matrix< T >The abstract base class for matrices; provides size/shape and element access
matrixview< T >A two-dimensional view of a data block, suitable for a BLAS-compatible matrix. NO DOC YET!
OptionsA list of command line options, with methods for parsing strings and streams to set the options
OptionVarObsolete predecessor of Options
PermScaleMatrix< T >A class for square matrices with exactly one entry in each row and in each column
PermutationForms the mathematical basis of PermutationMatrix, and can be used independently for computing in the symmetric group. NO DOC YET!
ProductOperatorA tensor product of operators (complex matrices)
ProductOperatorSumA sum of TensorProductOperator operators
ProductStateA tensor product state vector
ScalingPermutation< T >ScalingPermutation<T> generalizes Permutation; elements can be scaled as well as permuted. Underlies PermScaleMatrix. NO DOC YET!
SinglyBranchingStateA sum of product states that can be distinguished perfectly by measuring one (special) subsystem
TensorProductIndexDefines an index for iterating over a tensor product structure
TensorProductStructureDefines a tensor product structure on a finite dimensional Hilbert space
TimerUsed to precisely profile the running time of algorithms
Vector< T >The abstract base class for vectors; provides size and element access
vectorview< T >A one-dimensional view of a data block, suitable for a BLAS-compatible vector. NO DOC YET!

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