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_optionbase Class Reference
[Command line options library]

Abstract base class from which all _option<T> objects inherit. More...

#include <options.h>

Inherited by _option< T >.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void SetValue (std::string value)=0
 Should parse a string (value) and assign its value to the linked variable.
virtual std::string & GetValue (std::string &value)=0
 Should store the linked variable's value in a string (value).
virtual std::string TypeName ()=0
 Should return a string identifying the C/C++ typename of the linked variable.
virtual ~_optionbase ()
 Destructor: does nothing, but is required because of virtual functions.

Public Attributes

std::string name
 The name of this parameter.

Detailed Description

Abstract base class from which all _option<T> objects inherit.

This provides the abstract interface to an _option object. Every parameter that will be accessed via a command line option must have:

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