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Histogram Member List

This is the complete list of members for Histogram, including all inherited members.

BinCenter(itype bin)Histogram
Frequency(itype bin)Histogram
Frequency(double x)Histogram
Histogram(bool i_softends=false, bool i_log=false)Histogram
Histogram(itype i_bins, bool i_softends=false, bool i_log=false)Histogram
Histogram(itype i_bins, double i_min, double i_max, bool i_softends=false, bool i_log=false)Histogram
Insert(double x)Histogram
Probability(itype bin)Histogram
Probability(double x)Histogram
ProbabilityDensity(itype bin)Histogram
ProbabilityDensity(double x)Histogram
SetLog(bool i_log)Histogram
SetRange(double i_min, double i_max)Histogram
SetSize(itype i_bins)Histogram
SetSoftends(bool i_softends)Histogram

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