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linalg File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
blas_view.cppSource code for the interface between dataviews and BLAS
blas_view.hThe header file defining the interface between dataviews and BLAS routines
Chebyshev.cppSource code for Chebyshev polynomial approximations
conststates.cppSource code for predefined states and operations
datablock.hThe header file for class datablock<T>
dataview.hThe header file for dataviews (the abstract interface to a datablock)
flexibletable.hThe header file for class FlexibleTable<T>, and some internal methods
histogram.cppSource code for the Histogram class
linalg.cppSource code for most of the DenseVector<T> and DenseMatrix<T> methods, where T = double or T = std::complex<double>. Also some miscellaneous stuff
linalg.hThe main header file for the LinAlg library
linalg_abstract.hThis file is the bottom of the LinAlg include hierarchy
options.cppSource code for the Options class
options.hDeclarations for the Options class
optionvar.cppSource code for the obsolete OptionVar class
optionvar.hDeclarations for the obsolete OptionVar class
permscale.hThe header file for PermScaleMatrix<T>, a particular class of sparse matrices
permutation.hHeader file defining the Permutation and ScalingPermutation<T> classes
productstate.cppSource code for methods from ProductState and ProductOperator
quantum.cppSource code for several of the methods in the quantum library
quantum.hThe main header file for the Quantum library
random.cppSource code for random number generators
random.hThe header file for random number generators
shortclawrap.cppAbbreviated source for the C LApack WRAPper
shortclawrap.hAn abbreviated header file for the C LApack WRAPper
tensorproductstructure.cppSource code for methods from TensorProductStructure and TensorProductIndex
timer.cppSource code for the Timer class

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