Home page of Rafael Dolnick Sorkin at P.I.

What's available at this site?

A library of Lisp functions for posets and other purposes

Overview of my work

The causal set programme [this page under construction]

Some of my papers (especially ones that are recent or relevant to causal sets)

Some lecture notes (Stokes' theorem, Path integrals, ...)

"Eltex" (emacs programs for automatic equation and reference numbering of tex documents)

Emails on time, causality, and other things

Web page for "Elements of General Relativity"

Links to some other web sites

Fay Dowker's popular lecture at Perimeter Institute (youtube)

A non-technical introduction to causal sets at the web site of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics

Glossary of poset terms at Peter Cameron's web site

List of papers at Google Scholar

List of papers at SLAC-Spires

Link to my PI profile

Home Page of Perimeter Institute