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A Quantitative Occam's Razor   (postscript)    (pdf)

A Specimen of Theory Construction from Quantum Gravity (MINUS FIGURES)   (postscript)    (pdf)

A Kaluza-Klein Monopole   (postscript)    (pdf)

Consequences of Spacetime Topology   (postscript)    (pdf)

First Steps with Causal Sets (MINUS FIGURES)   (postscript)    (pdf)

Spacetime and Causal Sets (MINUS FIGURES)   (postscript)    (pdf)

Impossible Measurements on Quantum Fields   (postscript)    (pdf)

Forks in the Road, on the Way to Quantum Gravity   (postscript)    (pdf)

Quantum Mechanics as Quantum Measure Theory   (postscript)    (pdf)

Quantum Measure Theory and its Interpretation   (postscript)    (pdf)

A Sum-over-histories Account of an EPR(B) Experiment   (pdf)

An Analysis of the Representations of the Mapping Class Group of a Multi-Geon Three-Manifold   (postscript)    (pdf)

Two Topics concerning Black Holes: Extremality of the Energy, Fractality of the Horizon   (postscript)    (pdf)

Energy extremality in the presence of a black hole   (postscript)    (pdf)

How Wrinkled is the Surface of a Black Hole?   (postscript)    (pdf)

The Statistical Mechanics of Black Hole Thermodynamics   (postscript)    (pdf)

Complex Actions in two-dimensional topology change   (postscript)    (pdf)

Instantons and unitarity in quantum cosmology with fixed four-volume   (postscript)    (pdf)

Large Fluctuations in the Horizon Area and What They Can Tell Us About Entropy and Quantum Gravity   (postscript)    (pdf)

Causal Continuity in degenerate spacetimes   (postscript)    (pdf)

A Classical Sequential Growth Dynamics for Causal Sets   (postscript)    (pdf)

Evidence for a continuum limit in causal set dynamics {gr-qc/0003117}   (postscript)    (pdf)

Indications of causal set cosmology   (postscript)    (pdf)

On the “renormalization” transformations induced by cycles of expansion and contraction in causal set cosmology   (postscript)    (pdf)

Everpresent Lambda   (postscript)    (pdf)

General Covariance and the “Problem of Time” in a Discrete Cosmology   (postscript)    (pdf)

“Observables” in Causal Set Cosmology {gr-qc/0210061}   (postscript)    (pdf)

Black Hole Entropy as Causal Links {gr-qc/0302009}   (postscript)    (pdf)

An Example Relevant to the Kretschmann-Einstein Debate {http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu PITT-PHIL-SCI 00000371}   (postscript)    (pdf)

Indecomposable Ideals in Incidence Algebras   (pdf)

Causal Sets: Discrete Gravity (Notes for the Valdivia Summer School)   (postscript)    (pdf)

Perfect mirrors and the self-accelerating box paradox {hep-th/0201255}   (postscript)    (pdf)

On the Status of Highly Entropic Objects {hep-th/0309218}   (postscript)    (pdf)

An energy bound deduced from the vanishing of the radiation reaction force during uniform acceleration
(earlier title: A curious bound on the energy of rubber bands and similar devices)   (postscript)

Quantum Gravity Phenomenology, Lorentz Invariance and Discreteness {gr-qc/0311055}   (postscript)    (pdf)

The Random Walk in Generalized Quantum Theory   (postscript)    (pdf)

A Bell Inequality Analog in Quantum Measure Theory   (pdf)

Big extra dimensions make Λ too small   (postscript)    (pdf)

Ten Theses on Black Hole Entropy   (postscript)    (pdf)

Quantum dynamics without the wave function   (postscript)    (pdf)

Does Locality Fail at Intermediate Length-Scales?   (postscript)    (pdf)

The disjointed thermodynamics of rotating black holes with a NUT twist   (postscript)    (pdf)

Relativity-theory does not imply that the future already exists: a counterexample   (postscript)    (pdf)

An exercise in ``anhomomorphic logic''   (postscript)    (pdf)

A Historical Perspective on Cancer   (postscript)    (pdf)

Is the cosmological ``constant'' a nonlocal quantum residue of discreteness of the causal set type?   (postscript)    (pdf)

Energy-momentum diffusion from spacetime discreteness   (postscript)    (pdf)

Light, Links and Causal Sets   (postscript)    (pdf)

Is the spacetime metric Euclidean rather than Lorentzian?   (postscript)    (pdf)

To What Type of Logic Does the "Tetralemma" Belong?   (postscript)    (pdf)

Hilbert Spaces from Path Integrals   (postscript)    (pdf)

Logic is to the quantum as geometry is to gravity   (postscript)    (pdf)

Two-site quantum random walk   (postscript)    (pdf)

Toward a ``fundamental theorem of quantal measure theory''   (postscript)    (pdf)

Scalar Field Theory on a Causal Set in Histories form   (postscript)    (pdf)

On the Entropy of the Vacuum Outside a Horizon   (postscript)    (pdf)

Expressing entropy globally in terms of (4D) field-correlations   (postscript)    (pdf)

Discreteness without symmetry breaking: a theorem   (postscript)    (pdf)

Does a quantum particle know its own energy?  (postscript)    (pdf)

Spacetime Entanglement Entropy in 1+1 Dimensions   (pdf)

When is an area law not an area law?  (postscript)    (pdf)

Boundary and Corner Terms in the Action for General Relativity   (pdf)

From Green Function to Quantum Field   (pdf)

Brownian Motion at Absolute Zero   (pdf)

A quantum diffusion law   (pdf)

Entanglement Entropy in Causal Set Theory   (pdf)

Cosmological tests of Everpresent Lambda   (pdf)

What determines the non-equilibrium rate of profit?   (pdf)

Lorentzian angles and trigonometry including lightlike vectors   (pdf)

Symmetry-breaking and zero-one laws   (pdf)

How to measure the quantum measure   (pdf)

An inside view of the tensor product   (pdf)

The versions here are definitive relative to all others, published or arxived (except that three papers here are still lacking the diagrams).

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