Perimeter Institute is a major centre for theoretical physics research, attracting a diverse community of resident and visiting scientists from around the world. They cluster in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment to forge new, mind-bending ideas about the ultimate nature of our universe, from space and time to matter and information. Over 150 resident researchers and 1,000 visiting scientists a year work to unlock nature’s most profound secrets hidden deep inside the atom and far across the universe.

Event Disclaimer for Perimeter Conferences, Seminars, and Colloquiums

All Perimeter Research ( talks associated with conferences, seminars and colloquiums will be recorded and may form part of one or more audio-visual productions intended for initial release on the internet, television, and on home or mobile video devices. Individuals who do not want their presentation recorded should send an immediate email to either Stephanie Mohl, smohl[at] (Conferences) or Amanda Ferneyhough, aferneyhoug[at] (Seminars and Colloquiums).

By registering to attend and attending a Perimeter Research event, you are consenting to the use of your appearance, image and voice in the productions and in any promotion or use of the production in any media through the world.

Research areas

Perimeter Institute’s vibrant research community emphasizes ambitious, unconstrained scientific enquiry across nine research fields: cosmology, condensed matter, mathematical physics (including mathematics), particle physics, quantum fields and strings, quantum foundations, quantum gravity, quantum information, and strong gravity.

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Special Research Initiatives

By definition, truly new approaches and ideas in physics don’t fall neatly into any established framework – and yet often such new approaches are exactly those which can most benefit from sustained, intense, cross-disciplinary attention.  

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Perimeter Institute runs an active visitor program, welcoming applications from scientists of all levels of expertise. Visit periods can range from several days to a year. Find out more information and obtain a visitor's guide.

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Perimeter Institute hosts a lively program of conferences and workshops designed to foster new ideas and unique collaborations. Find a list of upcoming and past conferences and sponsorships.

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Perimeter Institute organizes a lively program of seminars, regularly exposing researchers to current ideas in the wider theoretical physics community. In addition, many of the colloquium talks provide content outside of, but related to, core disciplines.

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Perimeter Institute is devoted to foundational issues in theoretical physics at the highest levels of international excellence.