Important information regarding COVID-19 coronavirus and upcoming events

Perimeter Institute is committed to providing a safe environment to all staff and visitors. As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to evolve, precautionary steps are being put in place to minimize the risk associated with this outbreak. Staff are monitoring the situation carefully and, if deemed necessary, some conferences may become virtual events. Alternatively, they could be cancelled entirely or postponed to next year. Decisions regarding these possibilities will be made on a weekly basis and will be posted to each individual conference website. Until then, we caution participants from making any arrangements as costs associated with travel disruptions will not be reimbursed. Currently, participants coming from, returning to, or travelling through countries deemed Level 2 and Level 3 will not be admitted into events: This restriction would also apply to individuals who have travelled to these countries within 14 days of their arrival to the Institute. If you would like to withdraw your registration or are impacted by the travel restrictions we have put in place, please contact Stephanie Mohl to cancel your conference visit.

COVID-19 information for researchers and visitors


Perimeter Institute has long recognized that a lively program of conferences and workshops is essential to maintaining a dynamic scientific atmosphere by regularly exposing resident research staff to current ideas in the wider theoretical physics community. With one large lecture theatre, five seminar rooms, a bistro, a variety of collaborative spaces as well as full audio/visual support and conferencing services, Perimeter is explicitly designed to handle a wide range of scientific programs, while concurrently facilitating ongoing in-house activities. Perimeter Institute is committed to a combination of internal and external programs that are aligned with or complement its core research areas.

We welcome proposals from individuals or groups of scientists interested in organizing and presenting a workshop or conference at Perimeter Institute in the areas of Condensed MatterCosmologyMathematical PhysicsParticle PhysicsQuantum Fields and StringsQuantum FoundationsQuantum GravityQuantum InformationStrong Gravity. Visit Conference Proposals and Conference Sponsorships for more information.

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