Perimeter Institute recognizes that a lively program of conferences and workshops is essential to maintaining a dynamic scientific atmosphere by regularly exposing its research staff to current ideas in the wider theoretical physics community. We welcome proposals from individuals or groups of scientists interested in organizing and presenting a workshop or conference at Perimeter Institute in one of our research areas.

The Institute offers a lecture theatre (seats 205), four smaller seminar rooms (seating 40 to 60), informal meeting areas and lounges, meals and refreshments in the Black Hole Bistro, offices for organizers, and work space for participants. Outstanding proposals, which complement ongoing activities at the Institute, will receive financial support as per our guidelines. Submissions will be strengthened by the inclusion of external financial partners. The Institute, through its Conference Coordinator, will work with the organizers and take care of the logistical details. Perimeter Residents who wish to hold a conference should use the online Conference Proposal application. Please review our guidelines for further information on the conference program.

Perimeter Institute is devoted to foundational issues in theoretical physics at the highest levels of international excellence.