Convergence was Perimeter’s first-ever alumni reunion and a new kind of physics conference providing a "big picture" overview of fundamental physics and its future. 

There are moments in history when the right people converge at the right place, in the right time, to catalyze something entirely new. Convergence was held to be one of those moments.

Physics is at a turning point. The most sophisticated experiments ever devised are decoding our universe with unprecedented clarity -- from the quantum to the cosmos -- and revealing a stunning simplicity that theory has yet to explain.

Convergence brought together many of the world's best minds in physics to probe the field's most exciting ideas and chart a course for 21st century physics. The event also celebrated, through commemorative lectures, the centenaries of two defining discoveries of the 20th century: Noether's theorem and Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Convergence was held June 20-24, 2015.


Welcome back to Perimeter!

Stay in touch with fellow alumni on the Perimeter Alumni LinkedIn page. Join the conversation, share your photos, and keep tabs what's happening on the Convergence Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #piCONVERGE

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The American novelist Katherine Dunn wrote “every intersection has a story."

Convergence is about creating intersections - intersections between researchers, between disciplines, between generations - and allowing stories to emerge.

The Convergence Blog delivered daily dispatches about the stories emerging from the conference and more. 

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Whether you're at Convergence in person or joining us online, there are many ways to keep the conversation going:

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