Daily dispatches from Convergence, including interviews, observations, and more. 

As this inaugural event drew to a close at Perimeter, attendees agreed that Convergence has been an experiment worth repeating. 

From the limits of experiment to the need for better data analysis, Convergence closing panel looks at a future of great challenge and greater potential.

The second day of Convergence came to a close with a look at “The Genesis and Renaissance of General Relativity” and how its process mirrors the science of today.

Day two of the Convergence conference started with a dive into the details of quantum condensed matter. 

Day one of Convergence caps off with an exploration of Emmy Noether's theorem, and what it means for physics today.

Convergence panel

During the first full day of talks at Convergence, attendees were challenged to be more ambitious and to think about the big questions that theoretical physics can address. 


Convergence panel

Convergence opening panel looks at the big, the small, and everything in between. 

PSI graduation

Congratulations the sixth class of PI's "theoretical physics boot camp," the Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) master’s program.

Physicists from around the world took a conversational approach to tackling the deepest questions of the universe during day two of Convergence. 

Savas Dimopoulos

Savas Dimopoulos is a Distinguished Visiting Research Chair at Perimeter Institute, and a professor of physics at Stanford University.