What We Research

Perimeter Institute is a major centre for theoretical physics research, attracting a diverse community of resident and visiting scientists from around the world. They cluster in Waterloo, Ontario, to forge new, mind-bending ideas about the ultimate nature of our universe, from space and time to matter and forces. Driven by curiosity, their mission is to unlock nature’s most profound secrets hidden deep inside the atom and far across the universe.

Perimeter’s nine research fields have been chosen strategically, to form a complementary whole combining our most important insights into the basic laws governing the universe, from subatomic scales, to the table-top scales of condensed matter systems, to the description of the entire cosmos. Perimeter’s choice of complementary disciplines is unique worldwide; its emphasis on ambitious, unconstrained scientific enquiry has led to a vibrant, growing research community.

Perimeter Institute's Research Areas

Research Initiatives

We believe breakthroughs are realized through a collision of intellect, imagination and inspiration.