The personal information collected on applications will be used by Perimeter Institute for making decisions related to your application submission. From time to time, Perimeter may be required to submit reports containing Personal Information to certain Canadian government partners.

Applicants are required to declare the following statement at the time of submission of application:

I certify that the information and documents submitted in or with this application or to be submitted (all of which together constitute the application) are true, complete and correct including my declarations as to citizenship and status in Canada (where applicable), and that all information relevant to a decision on the application has been disclosed. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep Perimeter Institute informed of any relevant changes to my information or application materials, occurring between the date of submission of my application and my registration or employment, and I agree to do so immediately after any such changes occur.

I agree that my application for an award, admission to a program or employment constitutes my acceptance of the requirements, policies and procedures and of the methods by which applicants are chosen.

I accept that the information in this application and its supporting materials may be used by Perimeter Institute to determine my eligibility, selection, and award if I am admitted to a program, offered employment or receive an award.

I authorize Perimeter Institute to verify any information provided as part of this application and to collect, use and disclose my personal information for conducting a formal or informal background check relevant to this application. These may include but are not Iimited to criminal record or social media checks. I understand that the discovery that any material information has been concealed, or that any given information is false or misleading could invalidate my application and result in:

  • if my application is for a program, immediate rejection or in the revocation of my admission and registration, if I have been admitted. 
  • if my application is for employment, immediate rejection or in the revocation of offer of employment and termination of employment, if my employment with Perimeter has begun.
  • If my application is for an award, immediate rejection or the revocation of the award if already given.

I accept that information on misconduct and/or falsified documents is shared with universities and colleges across Canada and law enforcement agencies where appropriate, and in the case of international admissions, with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If I am applying to an award, program or position offered jointly with another university or organization, I consent to the disclosure of my information in this application by Perimeter Institute to the joint university or organization.