National Philanthropy Day

On National Philanthropy Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of giving, volunteering, and charitable engagement, we thank Perimeter donors for their generosity.




At Perimeter, we bring the best minds in the world together under one roof and support them in tackling the most challenging problems in physics. On any given day, you’ll find about 150 researchers at Perimeter. 

Daniel Family Foundation: Funding the Daniel Family James Peebles Chair in Theoretical Physics, held by Kendrick Smith, The Daniel Family Foundation helps to support important and revolutionary research at Perimeter Institute that will have an impact for generations to come. 

Read how Perimeter researchers are applying artificial Intelligence to solve quantum challenges.



Perimeter's Educational Outreach team brings science to life through classroom resources, public lectures, teacher workshops, an educator network, and a summer school where students interact with Perimeter researchers.

BMO for Women: BMO for Women is tackling the problem of gender bias in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Working to make these fields accessible to all, BMO for Women is a proud supporting partner of Perimeter’s free Public Lectures in 2019 that feature inspiring female speakers. 

Take a look at the International Summer School for Young Physicists experience.


the next generation

Perimeter's training programs turn students into scientists. We don't just teach them knowledge and technical skill – we teach them to collaborate, tackle old problems from new angles, and aim for breakthroughs. 

Marsland Family: Our one-year master’s-level program, Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) brings the most brilliant graduate students from around the world to the cutting edge of theoretical physics in an intense, interactive training environment. PSI would not be possible without the generosity of donors like the Margaret and Larry Marsland, and Brad and Kathy Marsland, who support an Honorary PSI Scholarship Award.  

See what students have to say about our unique Perimeter Scholars International program (PSI).


Women In Physics

Perimeter supports women at every stage of their careers – from high school students to senior scientists. Each year, we bring hundreds of high school students to Perimeter to hear from leading women in science and technology.

"As a staff member, I am proud of the administrative work we do to help support Perimeter's research, training, and outreach. It is only natural to invest my money into the place I work. I believe in Perimeter and am proud to be a donor that will help the new generation of young female physicists join the ranks of women like Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Donna Strickland." - Sunny Tsang, Senior Manager at Perimeter Institute.

Read about this year's annual Inspiring Future Women in Science conference at Perimeter.


Your donations to Perimeter make a difference every day. 

Thank you.