The Templeton Frontiers Program

The Templeton Frontiers Program at Perimeter Institute is an integrated program focused on three areas at the heart of Perimeter’s research: quantum foundations and information, foundational cosmology, and the emergence of spacetime.

The fundamental breakthroughs we seek demand bold and original scientific thinking. The Templeton Frontiers Program is a strategic plan taking full advantage of Perimeter’s existing expertise, as well as its inspirational and strongly supportive research environment, to attract some of the most brilliant and exceptional young researchers worldwide into truly frontier physics research and enable them to think “beyond known horizons.”  

The Templeton Frontiers Program focuses on the development of innovative young research talent and has been carefully designed to optimize the chances for high-impact outcomes. A major component of the Templeton Frontiers Program provides support for three of the most promising and original young postdoctoral researchers worldwide and the involvement of students in research projects within the scientific fields of focus. We offer a diverse program which enables undergraduate, master’s, PhD and visiting graduate fellows to be involved in exciting research projects which, besides the direct value of the research itself, may directly encourage them to pursue longer term careers as scientists in these fundamental fields.

The Templeton Frontiers Program enhances and optimizes the research environment for these outstanding young scientists through sustained mentorship and full-spectrum support, through visits by established international research leaders, and through colloquia, workshops and conferences in the selected fields. Templeton Frontiers Program researchers in turn have excellent opportunities to share their research and ideas within a wider expert community well-primed to engage with them.

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The Templeton Frontiers Program is made possible through the John Templeton Foundation's Science and the Big Questions funding program, which supports innovative approaches to foundational questions throughout the mathematical and physical sciences.

The Templeton Frontiers Program will catalyze path-breaking research by encouraging young scientists to pursue ambitious ideas.