Why Support – Training

Brilliant young people are the future of physics. To build that future, Perimeter has collaborated with partner universities to develop some of the world’s most innovative training programs. 

Brilliant young people are the future of physics.

Einstein was just 26 years old when he developed his theory of special relativity and Isaac Newton just 24 when he came up with early versions of his three laws of motion. We know that the young scientists-in-training at Perimeter have the same breakthrough potential. Young scientists choose Perimeter for our emphasis on collaboration, for the way we encourage diverse approaches, and for the opportunity to be among the world’s best. Perimeter’s researchers mentor a growing number of PhD students and the world’s largest group of independent postdoctoral researchers in theoretical physics. Support Perimeter’s brilliant young scientists.

Shaping the next generation of physics talent

Our graduates go on to leadership roles not only in physics, but also in fields from medicine to finance, technology to industry, and beyond. Perimeter Scholars International (PSI), our innovative master’s program, teaches graduate students to think like scientists: rigorously, collaboratively, and critically. Taught by the world’s foremost experts, PSI has brought students from 33 countries to the cutting edge of theoretical physics. We’re proud to recruit women to the PSI program at far above national averages and await the groundbreaking contributions they will make to our shared future. We bring the best in the world to Perimeter, regardless of financial means. An investment in PSI represents an investment in young talent – and that’s an investment which has the greatest potential returns. Learn more about our acclaimed PSI program.

Graduates who change the world

Being part of the first class of Perimeter Scholars International changed everything for Henry Reich. After graduating from PSI, in summer 2011, Reich uploaded a video to YouTube entitled “What is Gravity?” It was 85 seconds long and featured his simple, humourous drawings and narration, explaining one of physics’ central concepts simply and accessibly. Reich’s MinutePhysics has since become a worldwide phenomenon which has amassed tens of millions of views and been featured on New Scientist, Gizmodo, Wired, Maclean’s, and Scientific American. “PSI was fundamental in facilitating MinutePhysics,” Reich says, citing the program’s spirit of creativity and risk taking, as well as the breadth of its teaching. “How much you learn over the course of a year in the PSI program is pretty astounding.”  Reich is just one example of the exceptional talents in Perimeter’s PSI program. 

“PSI gave me the opportunity… to let my interests guide and inspire me, all within Perimeter’s incredibly focused research atmosphere.”

Lauren Greenspan,

PSI Class of ’11