Why Perimeter

Perimeter Institute was built to be a crucible of discovery. Its mission: to make research breakthroughs that will transform our future. 

Perimeter began with a single bold insight: our entire technological society rests on physics’ past discoveries – and its next discoveries will unlock the future.

Tackling the Big Questions

We think big because what we’re after is big. Not just inch-by-inch progress, but the revolutionary breakthroughs that will transform the future of science, and of the world. | more |

Training the Next Generation

Brilliant young people are the future of physics. To build that future, Perimeter has collaborated with partner universities to develop some of the world’s most innovative physics training programs. | more |

Inspiring the Public

Sharing the excitement and wonder of physics feeds the soil in which science grows. That’s why Perimeter puts so much energy into creative outreach programs for teachers, students, and the public. | more |

“Together, we’re building an engine of discovery, which will power game-changing ideas and technologies.”

Mike Lazaridis

Perimeter Founder and Board Chair