Brilliant young people are the lifeblood of science, and so Perimeter has developed innovative and highly sought-after research training programs that help emerging scientists refine their own ideas and interests through lively academic and research interactions.

Perimeter Scholars International (PSI)

Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) is a one-year coursework master's-level program in theoretical physics. Taught by dedicated academic staff - Perimeter faculty and by some of the world’s top physicists, the program is designed to bring highly qualified, highly motivated graduate students to the cutting edge of theoretical physics in an intense, interactive learning environment.

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PhD Students

Perimeter Institute offers a rich environment for PhD students with exceptional opportunities to interact with research leaders from around the world, while laying the foundation for a future career in physics.

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Undergraduate Students

Immerse yourself in Perimeter’s research community with summer research projects targeted for university undergraduate students and undergraduate mentoring events.

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Perimeter Institute offers university-level courses on current topics for resident researchers and students, as well as those at surrounding universities.

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"PSI gave me the opportunity to learn from a global community of physicists, as well as the freedom to let my interests guide and inspire me."

Lauren Greenspan,

PSI Class of 2011