University Courses

Take university courses at one of the world's pre-eminent centres for theoretical physics research. Perimeter Institute offers university-level credit courses, as well as non-credit mini-courses on current topics for researchers and students at Perimeter and surrounding universities.

Throughout the year, Perimeter Institute offers several courses available to all university students. Some courses award post-secondary credits for students' home institutions, excluding mini-courses. Courses offered at Perimeter Institute may be taken for credit by qualified students at any Ontario university with the permission of their departmental graduate advisor. Students who wish to register for credit from an Ontario university should ask their graduate advisor to contact Perimeter Institute's Academic Programs Assistant to make the necessary arrangements. To arrange attendance (including students who wish to audit courses), and ensure you are on the course change contact list, please contact Chandy Thach.


Past Courses

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Expand your perspective beyond the boundaries of your research field.