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After the completion of the Planck satellite, the next most important experiments in cosmology will be about mapping the Large Scale Structures of the Universe. In order to continue to make progress in our understanding of the early universe, it is essential to develop a precise understanding of this system. The Effective Filed Theory of Large Scale Structures provides a novel framework to analytically compute the clustering of the Large Scale Structures in the weakly non-linear regime in a consistent and reliable way. The theory that describes the long wavelength fluctuations is obtained after integrating out the strongly-coupled, short-distance modes, and adding suitable operators that allow us to correctly reconstruct the effect of short distance fluctuations at long distances. By using techniques that originate in the particle physics context, a few observables have been computed so far, and the results are extremely promising. I will discuss the formalism, the main results so far, and the potential implications for next generation experiments.