Mass-generating mechanism for Nambu-Goldstone bosons in emergent spacetime and its application for quantum gravity phenomenology

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Effective field theories (EFTs) have been widely used as a framework in order to place constraints on the Planck suppressed Lorentz violations predicted by various models of quantum gravity. There are however technical problems in the EFT framework when it comes to ensuring that small Lorentz violations remain small -- this is the essence of the \'naturalness\' problem. Herein we present an \'emergent\' space-time model, based on the \'analogue gravity\'\' programme, by investigating a specific condensed-matter system that is in principle capable of simulating the salient features of an EFT framework with Lorentz violations. Specifically, we consider the class of two-component BECs subject to laser-induced transitions between the components, and we show that this model is an example for Lorentz invariance violation due to ultraviolet physics. Furthermore our model explicitly avoids the \'naturalness problem\', and makes specific suggestions regarding how to construct a physically reasonable quantum gravity phenomenology.