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Refined topological vertex formalism allows one to conveniently compute partition functions of topological strings on toric CY backgrounds. These partition functions reproduce instanton partition functions of 5d N=1 gauge theories, obtained from the CY by the geometric engineering procedure. In the algebraic language the vertices can be described as intertwiners of Fock representations of a quantum toroidal algebra.
I will present a «Higgsed» version of refined topological vertex formalism which computes vortex partition functions of certain N=2* 3d theories, and show how it naturally arises in the algebraic approach. The new formalism gives a streamlined way to write down the screening charges of a general class of q-deformed W-algebras, including those associated with superalgebras. The obtained partition functions are automatically eigenfunctions of Ruijsenaars-Schneider Hamiltonians or their supersymmetric generalizations.