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Many of the topological insulators, in their naturally
available form are not insulating in the bulk. It has beenĀ  shown that some of these metallic compounds,
become superconductor at low enough temperature and the nature of their
superconducting phase is still widely debated. In this talk I show that even
the s-wave superconducting phase of doped topological insulators, at low
doping, is different from ordinary s-wave superconductors and goes through a
topological phase transition to an ordinary s-wave state by increasing the
doping. I show that the critical doping is determined using the
SU(2) Berry phase on the fermi surface of doped
topological insulator and can be modified by different tunable features of the
material. At the end I present the results of a recent experiment on the
Josephson junctions made of thin films of Bismuth selenide , which can be
explained using our theory of doping induced phase transition in topological

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