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In this talk, I will explain how to use lattice surgery to enact a universal set of fault-tolerant quantum operations with color codes. Along the way, I will also show how to improve existing surface-code lattice-surgery methods. Lattice-surgery methods use fewer qubits and the same time or less than associated defect-braiding methods. Per code distance, color-code lattice surgery uses approximately half the qubits and the same time or less than surface-code lattice surgery. Color-code lattice surgery can also implement the Hadamard and phase gates in a single transversal step—much faster than surface-code lattice surgery can. I will show that against uncorrelated circuit-level depolarizing noise, color-code lattice surgery uses fewer qubits to achieve the same degree of fault-tolerant error suppression as surface-code lattice-surgery when the noise rate is low enough and the error suppression demand is high enough.

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