Relative non-commutative Calabi-Yau structures and shifted Lagrangians

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We give a definition of relative Calabi-Yau structure on a dg functor f: A --> B, discussing a examples coming from algebraic geometry, homotopy theory, and representation theory. When A=0, this returns the usual definition of Calabi-Yau structure on a smooth dg category B. When A itself is endowed with a Calabi-Yau structure and relative Calabi-Yau structure on f is compatible with the absolute structure on A, then we sketch the construction of a shifted symplectic structure on the derived moduli space M_A of pseudo-perfect A-modules, as well as the construction of a Lagrangian structure on the induced map f* : M_B --> M_A of derived moduli. This is joint work with Tobias Dyckerhoff.